Baklava, kibbeh steal the show at Cleopatra in Doral

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Hidden inside a Doral shopping center is a quaint Lebanese restaurant. Cleopatra Mediterranean Grill is serving up freshly made meals and memorable desserts for lunch and dinner. An open kitchen welcomes you when walking in, along with a glass display of trinkets and ornaments. Here you get a first glimpse at the buttery pieces of baklava just taunting you to finish your dinner and pleading you to leave room for them. They might look a bit stale at first, but there is nothing to not like about these in-restaurant made treats. Perfectly syrupy and excruciatingly crunchy; everything a baklava should be.

Baklava from the heavens. Additional photography by Chris Necuze.

Dessert might be king here, but a freshly fried kibbeh comes close to the crown. Similar to a papa rellena, minus the potato, minced meat is mixed with bulgur wheat and fried to a crisp. The smoke that seeps out as you cut into one shows how fresh these little balls are, and for 9 p.m. on a Friday for a restaurant that closes at 10 p.m., that means a lot.

Also made to order were the French fries. However, the downside to getting to a restaurant an hour before closing is ordering gyro meat. During lunchtime, expectedly, the gyro meat should be more tender. At 9 p.m., though, the meat was somewhat burnt and definitely not as soft as it should be. The hummus, maybe also having to do with the time of day, suffered with a grainy texture and lack of brightness.

The lentil soup was screaming with flavor from an abundance of cumin, but did not impress with its consistency. The green broth looked almost sewage-like. This is not the soup for those accustomed to something creamy.

Cleopatra should be great for lunch. With a lack of Mediterranean places in Doral, it’s surely a place to try. If only for the appetizers and flaky finish. Cleopatra Mediterranean Grill is located at 3655 N.W. 107 Avenue.


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