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At Hacienda Latin Restaurant, too many cooks in the kitchen is actually a good thing. Four Dominican sisters and their mom, plus that New York edge, and you’ve got the recipe for success. Add years of catering experience, one sister with a pastry degree and an oxtail plate that’s got the neighborhood hankering for more every night, and they could probably write a cookbook. Maybe that should be next on the list for the quintet – but for right now – let’s focus on Hacienda.

Authentic Dominican flavors are served up plentiful and jam-packed full of soul. Salcolcho is similar to ajiaco, or vegetable stew, and you can taste the hours it has been cooking. You might be familiar with chimichurri as a savory accompaniment to a tender Argentinean steak. But don’t be expecting to dollop that green stuff around here any time soon. If you order that you’ll be getting a burger similar to a frita instead. What makes this one stand out is that it comes with pan de agua, or water bread, that is baked right to order.

And don’t you dare miss the desserts being concocted here. Chocolate and art combine in a chocolate mousse masterpiece that is drawn on your plate using swatches of raspberry and caramel sauces. Keeping in line with tradition avichuelas con dulce, or sweet beans, are a Dominican treat that take red kidney beans to a whole other level.

You’re assured never to leave hungry, as the menu is always changing at Hacienda. Tex-Mex items are on their way to satisfy the neighborhood’s needs. Wining and learning is also an option here. Wine tastings happen on Saturdays where you can experience some of the best Chilean wines. There’s a little bit for everyone at Hacienda. From young to old, anyone will find something to keep them coming back for more.

Hacienda Latin Restaurant is located at 11735 SW 147th Ave.

A version of this article was published in MyCityEats.

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