Rustic bistro blends food, sports the Argentinian way

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With a focus on traditional Argentinean cuisine, Doma Polo Bistro has opened its doors. Owner Ulises Ledain has been eating this stuff since he was a kid. It’s only right to bring the food he’s used to to the city he loves. He’s been in the restaurant business for quite some time, having helped put Dolce Vita on the map and working with Gabriel Medicci at Novecento. This time around, though, it’s Ledain’s way.

Argentina’s love and adoration for polo is truly noticed at the restaurant, thus its name. You’ll feel as if you’ve possibly stepped into a sleek, modern farm at first. Dark wood allures you to sit down in a booth that quaintly resembles a horse’s stable. From here you can stare, open-mouthed, at the two-sided pristine wall of wines that tempts a remarkable selection from the country’s finest vineyards at prices catering to everyone.

Located at 900 Biscayne Blvd., Doma Polo Bistro is right in the center of it all. Before a game at the American Airlines Arena, you can pass by for happy hour from 4-7 p.m. The bistro part of the name comes to life with classic dishes that are kept simple, the way they would be found served at Ledain’s grandmother’s table. Stews like puchero, and locro with corn, pumpkin and white beans are hearty and flavorful. Tasty chunks of beef and pork will make you dig for more as your spoon swishes the thick soup back and forth, letting out a delectable aroma onto the air.

A sampling of artisan cheeses made right at the restaurant works as a nice introduction to get to know what Doma Polo has to offer. The pesto-infused mozzarella is smooth with a hint of basil goodness, but the mozzarella combined with sundried tomatoes is a true stand out. All cheeses are accompanied with different types of warm breads that are also baked in close quarters. Continuing with what is prepared directly on-site, gnocchi and spinach cannelloni can be ordered along with the sauce of your choice.

Argentinian salpicon is unlike any meatloaf you’ve ever had. It’s actually not meatloaf at all. This beef is boiled until it’s so tender it melts in your mouth and is served alongside fall vegetables. Also, to Ledain, staying in step with the flavors of Miami is very important. On the menu, a fish ceviche keeps things fresh and light.

For dinner, don’t expect just any type of bird on your plate. Free range, organic chicken is only served. Acoording to Ledain, “the difference in taste between a free range chicken and an ordinary one is incredible. The flavor is totally distinct.” Daily specials are always being offered. On this specific day, a filet mignon with bacon was part of the lineup, along with bruschetta with fresh greens and the most succulent cut of ojo de bife.

If you don’t know your cuts of meat, get ready to memorize every bit of the bovine. For the hungry learners, a large diagram over the bar describes exactly where on the animal each cut originates. You’ll now forever know where lomo and entrana are from.

For dessert, there’s no straying from the original and home-style. “Fernet con Coca” takes ladyfingers and sinks them in the famous national spirit and Coca-Cola, just like back at home. It’s Doma Polo’s take on tiramisu. The combination of the bitter alcohol and syrupy soda makes it a sure keeper. You’ll be tempted to return again, and again, just for this one. If that’s not enough for your sweet tooth, dulce de leche crepes should do the trick.

The true intention behind this place is to feel like you’re visiting the home of someone who wants to take care of you. Sit back, unwind and enjoy the Argentinian life. The full unique experience of this bistro is captivating. You won’t be missing the hustle-and-bustle of more faster-paced restaurants after trying what Executive Chef Luis Garcia and Sous Chef Pablo Cittadini are cooking up here. The team behind Doma Polo Bistro invite you to come by for a couple of hours and discover a new home away from home. If you live in the area, enjoy a 10 percent discount.

A version of this article was published in MyCityEats.

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