El Toro Taco delicious from first plate to last

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Some of the greatest Mexican food in the city requires a bit of a southward drive. El Toro Taco at 1 S. Krome Avenue in Homestead has been in the business since the 70s, and the reasons are in the taste and hospitality.

As a starter, you can’t go wrong with the chilli con queso. This cheese dip has intense flavor. Jalapeños give it a nice warmth, along with tomatoes and onions. Served with an extra helping of warm, fresh tortilla chips, as you’re already greeted with some when you sit down.

If you go for the tacos make sure to be in the mood to not want to share. The chimichanga here is my all-time favorite. The ground beef is perfectly seasoned, and not at all burnt, like I’ve had at other places in the past. You can also have it filled with shredded beef or chicken. And don’t feel hesitant to ask for an extra helping of that tangy mild sauce that’s gushing over your plate. It goes great with the yellow rice served as a side. And you can’t forget the refried beans. Once you have these I promise you’ll be pureeing your black beans all the time.

Another thing that makes this place worth the drive — if you find it a little too far — is the service you receive. Nothing but smiles galore from the staff and people enjoying their meals. Several times you will see waitressses and waiters greeting a familiar face with a hug and a kiss the way family does. Here, you really do feel like family once you’ve been more than once.

Unfortunately, or fortunately, this family-owned restaurant does not serve any kind of alcohol, beer or wine. However they do allow families to bring outside drinks to their tables. During your stay you will more than likely encounter a family that’s brought some homemade sangria and is just having a great time. Or a group celebrating a birthday that has brought a cake to be cut for the gang. These little details are what make this Mexican eatery number one in my book.

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