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Tropical Chinese on Bird Road and 79 Avenue has a little bit of everything for everyone. If dim sum is your calling, then this place is just what you need. For lunch, carts ride by your table, tempting with boundless small bites, including every kind of dumpling imaginable. Options include leek, shark’s fin, parsley, scallop and plenty of others. I went for the steamed roast pork bun which was perfectly soft. The pork tasted kind of sweet, reminiscent of morning sausage.

For anyone unfamiliar with the way dim sum works, expect small servings of different things that can be shared among a group. A small portion comes for $2.99, while X-Large is $6.09. Whichever you choose,  you’ll find something that matches your taste while you catch up with friends. Or go for something new, because it’s not all about dumplings. Stuffed green peppers, turnip cake, sticky rice, almond tofu pudding and so much more is also on the menu.

If you can’t make it for lunch, stop by for dinner. Lettuce songs, or cups, come in your choice of roast duck, lobster, squab or chicken. They are prepared table-side and served with pine nuts, minced onions and bamboo, with some plum sauce. The Hong Kong steak is also smothered in the tangy plum sauce which gives the steak some attitude. You’ll want to dip each bite in more sauce from how good it is. I consider it sort of like a Chinese barbecue sauce. So delicious.

Sausage, shrimp and pineapple fried rice varieties are available, or the special fried with chicken, shrimp, pork and ham has a bit of it all. Combined with some of the steak, and you have a harmonious mouthful. Dessert for dinner was slim, but you do get a beautiful complimentary arrangement of sliced oranges and fortune cookies to give some sweetness to the end. It’s OK, everything else was so good that dessert was not missed.
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