Loads of lobsters are waiting at Kitchen 305

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Maine lobster is ready for you to dig in.

Lobster lovers, rejoice. On Wednesdays, Kitchen 305 has got you covered. For $35, you get all the Maine lobster you can eat, along with corn on the cob and potatoes. Your choice of soup or salad is also included. Get there around 6 p.m. before the line starts filling up!

Clam chowder was Manhattan-style. Tomato and potato went well with bits of clam.

Soft buns sit close by. Try not to eat too many, lobster is on its way soon.

Tender lobster meat about to be dipped in some butter.

A tomato-based clam chowder was an ideal start to the seafood frenzy. You might be used to the white creaminess of a New England clam chowder. However, the change was nice. Bits of clam and potatoes are just waiting on the bottom to be swiped up by your spoon.

Soft buns and butter also accompany the soup or salad. These were fluffy and warm, good to cut up and dip in your soup. You can also keep them around for when your lobsters start coming by to greet you. Make yourself some faux-lobster rolls without the mayo mess.

At this point, you probably will have seen plenty of lobster plates making their way to hungry eaters. Don’t worry, it will be your turn soon. But the squeamish and faint-of-heart should be warned. Your lobster is coming to you ready for you to do some work. You will now understand the need for the delightful lobster bibs sitting on your left.

Make sure your table has all the equipment you need for the task, like the seafood, nut crackers and some thin picks. If not, your kind waiter will assist you with a smile. If you don’t feel at ease cracking open your own lobster, the staff is quick to offer techniques and stories about the right way of handling it.

Claw meat comes off with a good twist. It tastes like butter, so dipped in clarified butter is double the buttery goodness. The tail came next after a gentle pop. You can’t forget to get every bit from the legs. You really can try to get every piece of meat in there, or stick to the parts you like and ask for another lobster. Snack on some corn on the cob while you wait for more. It can go on all night long like this at Kitchen 305.

For $35, you really get your money’s worth. Kitchen 305 is located inside the Newport Beachside Hotel & Resort, so families from out of town are especially attracted to this deal. But any South Floridian with a hankering for endless lobster should visit Sunny Isles Beach for this.

Coffee crème brûlée just asking to be broken into.

Dessert is not included, but how can you resist some coffee crème brûlée? The coffee was not overwhelming at all, not bitter. Just a custardy delight with a hard crackly top to finish the night right.

Don’t wait for the weekend, give in to your lobster temptation on Wednesdays.

Kitchen 305 is located at 16701 Collins Avenue. Valet parking at the hotel is $6.

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  1. Jose says:


    Went there Wed. night for all you can eat lobster. Reservations were for 9pm, we were seated at 9:30pm, after being seated and had ordered a bottle of wine, we advised they ran out of lobster. We were ready to get up and go when their manager Jonathan came to the table, gave a very nice apology, offered us to stay and he invited us to come back Friday night for all you can eat crab/Brazilian night. He offered us half off on a bottle of Johnny Walker black and 20% off any item on the menu that night. We stayed spent 200.00 and left excited for Friday’s event.

    Party of six reserved for 9pm by Jonathan the manager himself. Upon arrival we wait about 15 mins. get seated at 9:15, no bread, no water, nothing til 9:30 when the waiter first comes to our table. We asked for wine and the bottle of Johnny Walker black. He brings the bottle of black no ice, no glasses and leaves. He brings and serves the wine. The guys asked him again for ice, water and glasses, he disappears, 9:45 here comes the bread, men are still waiting for the ice and glasses. Waiter forgets the ice again but is ready to take our order. When we say we are here for the crab night, he tells us, “oh sorry but we stop serving the special at 9:00pm”, but tonight we are out of crabs. Funny how Jonathan conveniently forgot to tell about their cut off time on Wed. night.

    On we go…..We ask to see Jonathan, here he comes with his sorry ass face and has the audacity to tell us he set aside some crab knowing we were coming but couldn’t give us the special b/c they were out. At no time did this guy apologize or even showed any remorse for ruining what we thought would be a nice evening. Needless to say we walked out at 10pm and went to another restaurant, where we spent over 700.00 dollars. It’s too bad the NEWPORT BEACH HOTEL allows this place to operate out of their lobby, as it affects their patrons directly. Don’t be surprised if one of the local t.v. stations rats them out on the news, they totally deserve it. We will bring awareness to patrons on every site we review them. Just to make sure other patrons don’t fall for this gimmick. Please spread the word to all your friends make sure everyone knows this place is dishonest. Read the reviews for yourself and see how many others have had the same experience.

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