Slow Food Truck serving gourmet sandwiches with a twist

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Gourmet, high quality sandwiches are waiting at Slow Food Truck. It’s not about the speed, it’s about the taste.

When you first reach the Slow Food Truck, you might be a little confused as to what the name of the truck actually is. The letters SFT obviously spell out something, but is it “So Freaking Tasty” as the truck itself states? A walk to the side of the truck will let you know the name is really the Slow Food Truck. But honestly, with such an intriguing menu and friendly staff, it doesn’t matter what the name of the truck is. It’s all about the food.

The tangy slaw added the acidity expected in a pan con lechon, or Cuban pork sandwich. Barbecue sauce is never missed in this type of sandwich.Beef short rib on slightly toasted Cuban bread just melts down your throat.Beef short rib on slightly toasted Cuban bread just melts down your throat.

One glance at the menu and you’ll know this truck is not messing around. The “pig cubed” or “pig-to-the-third power” packs on a trio of bacon, pulled pork and grilled ham with pineapple and crispy shallots. That was the menu item that tempted me to stop by, but the Cuban Cowboy really lassoed me in. Swiss Cheese sounded like a great combination with some pulled pork and cole slaw. And I wasn’t wrong.

The pork was not overly-cooked; every bite tender. Its juiciness was swallowed by both the soft bun and later me. The slaw added a punch of acidity, which the cheese cleverly swept away. For $6, the Slow Food Truck gives you some serious flavor. But, there’s a reason why the beef short rib sandwich is the first on the menu.

Short rib has to be cooked low and slow, which for name’s sake, is the truck’s forte. It’s not that the food takes forever to get to you, its slow cooked and served on four wheels. Larger than the Cuban Cowboy, succulent beef short rib and creamy dabbles of queso fresco go great with crisp, green arugula. Crispy fried shallots act like mini onion rings, sprinkled over the beef for some texture. You get a very big sandwich for $9. That mind sound like a lot, but it’s difficult to find shortrib for less. Besides, the taste is worth it. For less than $20 you can get a hefty short rib sandwich, some truffle fries and a drink. Both of those ingredients don’t come cheap, and can I please talk about those fries.

Devour some white truffle fries with asiago cheese from The Slow Food Truck.

Truffle fries sometimes come with either too much truffle oil that your palate is overwhelmed or too little that you’re left craving more of a punch. These were just perfect. Not too much, or too little oil makes gives these hand-cut, crispy potato fingers their edge. Asiago cheese is slightly tangier, but is a great substitute for parmesan.

The Slow Food Truck is a reminder to all food trucks of how it should be done. High quality food, that never suffers on flavor, served at reasonable prices. The ingredients used are high end and are treated as such. You can truly taste the love at The Slow Food Truck. Get a taste for yourself  here 


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