Cuban Guys doing Cuban food right

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Cuban Guys in Hialeah is offering fast Cuban sandwiches in a fun, casual place.

Perfectly crispy plantain chips and a Jupiña set the Cuban mood right.

“Does Hialeah need more Cuban food?” I thought as I walked into Cuban Guys. Almost every block has a type of bakery or Latin restaurant offering Cuban sandwiches and croquetas. But after finishing my vaca frita sandwich, which I have been craving ever since, I knew the answer to my question. Hialeah just can’t get enough Cuban food; especially good Cuban food.

Delicious food is being made every day by Cuban families who have been eating this stuff for decades. It’s hard to find memorable, good quality Cuban food in a city with so many places trying to please the Latin palate. At one point, I tried black bean fried rice at a Chinese restaurant with a side of tostones!

Vaca Frita with onions and crispy little fries. Shredded steak that has been cooked and then lightly fried.

For authentic, mouth-watering Cuban sandwiches that make you smile with every bite, try Cuban Guys. It’s like Five Guys, but without the peanuts and walls of endless self-appreciation articles. Yes Five Guys, you’ve won a lot of awards, we get it.

The modern diner feel of this place makes it very appealing. It definitely stands out in an area where cafeterias are everywhere. Soft Cuban bread is slightly toasted so you don’t lose any of that softness. Some Cuban restaurants crisp up that bread so much for sandwiches; not here.

But c’mon, what matters is what’s inside those slices of bread. Vaca frita sandwich made me stray from the more common chorizo frita. This sandwich should entail flavorful shredded soft steak that has been fried ever so lightly. Sometimes you get some vaca frita  that has been fried just too much, in bad oil, and it loses any sign of taste. This place lives up to its name, however. Any Cuban guy would gladly devour this sandwich. And any Cuban guy or gal shouldn’t feel ashamed about craving another one right after. They are that good. If Cuban Guys were to come up with a special signature sauce, I dare to say they could become the new Sarussi.

Freshness was apparent. Yuca fries were still steaming when you bit into them.

The pan con lechon was just right. I would have been skeptical of Cuban Guys if they couldn’t do this one right. Thankfully, the pork was still juicy and didn’t lack in expected citrus flavor. The meat was hot off the flat top with those sweet caramelized onions cooked right in.

The sandwich had mayo, which is a slight departure from the traditional sandwich, but it added a distinct creaminess. You’ll never hear this Cuban complain about mayo in a sandwich. Served with a side of freshly fried yuca fries that were crisp on the outside while steamy and tender on the inside. They were accompanied with the old standby of ketchup and mayo sauce — a bit of a letdown, honestly.

Sauce aside,  Cuban Guys is offering a fresh take on Cuban sandwiches that should not be missed. Head to 3174 W 76 Street in Hialeah, you won’t regret it.


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